A Community of Practice


Our Partners

Kenya | Maua

— Maua Hub

Maua Hub is a Tech Company operating from Maua town approximately 14 Kms from Athi Market. They specialize in Wireless Technologies, web design, App development, ICT Training and setting up general  network infrastructure. They also focus on setting up community networks, and they offered us material and emotional support and are our main partners. Athi community network is intertwined with Maua Hub since  they have a similar operational model and complement each organization’s activities. Maua Hub is based in maua town and its immediate environs but supports rural community networks.

U.S.A | California

— Bluelion360 Africa

Bluelion360 Africa is a Tech Company based in carlifonia,U.S.A. Bluelion 360 Academy offers best-in-class expert led training for some of the most popular IT online courses.

Kenya | Nairobi

— The Internet Society- Kenya Chapter

The Internet Society’s mission and vision are the philosophical basis for all our activities. We subscribe to their guiding principle of “Working for an open, globally-connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet for everyone.” Our chairman is a registered member of the organization and has undergone various trainings with the group. We are also partnering with the Kenyan chapter of the organization.

Kenya | Nairobi

— Tanda Community Network

Tanda Community Network bridges the digital divide in Kibera Kenya by improving community livelihood and lifestyle through skills development and training. It is located in Kibera Nairobi which is one of the most deprived areas in the city. We  paid them a visit and they made a strong impression on us by their activities and how they are transforming lives. They are our main inspiration and we aspire to walk with them till our objectives are achieved. They mentor us and we strive to replicate some of their programs.

South Africa | Melville 2109

— Association for Progressive Communications

The Association for Progressive Communications  is a non-profit association of member and partner networks around the world, committed to making the internet serve the needs of global civil societys are achieved. APC has selected our organization among 7 others in Kenya to address the human capacity
and sustainability challenges, along with the policy and regulatory obstacles, that limit the
growth of community-based connectivity initiatives.