Powering rural communities

Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural Kenya

About Us

Athi Community Network  is a non-profit social enterprise registered as a community based organization (CBO) that leverages digital technologies for socio-economic empowerment in rural and  extreme low-income environments of Eastern Kenya  such as Athi (A Market Centre in Meru County). Our mission is to empower rural communities for them to participate in the digital economy. We seek to help solve the day-to-day challenges  through technology and impart technical skills to residents, so they can improve their livelihoods. Here at Athi Community Network we strive to create sustainable solutions through our various activities and programs.The Internet Society’s mission and vision are the philosophical basis for all our activities. Young mothers and girls are one of our main target groups.

We believe that the internet is an enabler of activities that promote social progress, economic empowerment and innovation for all, including those who live in rural and deprived regions. More..

digital inclusion

Determination to Learn

As we continued with our journey to digitize rural and unreached regions of rural Kenya, we came across a neglected group. Teen Mothers, girls and women of all ages have been left behind in the digital revolution. Athi community network has enhanced its focus on women inclusion in information technology. We believe the internet is an enabler of other economic activities and that women should be part of developing and maintaining the core tech infrastructure. We believe that tech skills will enable women understand their rights and be able to earn a living with the multiplier effect being a stable and more equal society.



Capacity Building Project

Supporting Community-led Approaches to Addressing the Digital Divide: Micro-Organisation Work Implementation for Community Networks Project. 28 November 2022- 27 January 2023.

Training areaS

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    Structured Cabling
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    Working on Communication Towers
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    Electronic Equipment Fault Repair
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    Institution Strengthening

Focus areas


— Digital Skills Training

We train  people of all ages  basic to intermediary level computer skills regardless of their literacy levels or economic status. Girls and women are one of our main focus groups.


— Rural Broadband Internet

One of our main targets is improving the availability of high-quality, safe and affordable broadband services in underserved rural areas. It is an aspiration we are strongly pursuing.


— Digital Art

We create visual content to communicate ideas and messages. We believe that graphic design is a  form of art and expression where we strive to develop digital content that is visually appealing and informative.


— Green Technology

We promote use of sustainable energy generation technologies that help conserve the environment and natural resources to curb harm caused by negative human activities.



We believe in access to education for all. We strive to avail digital technologies for education purposes to the local community. Learners should be able to access educational curriculum outside the traditional classroom.


-Agro Tech

Agriculture is the mainstay of our area of operations. We promote adoption of  the “internet of things”  to better farmers’ production and distribution capabilities.

Meet our partners

ISOC- Kenya Chapter partners with Athi Community Network in advocating for securing web servers using open standards developed by the Internet Engineering Taskforce (IETF).
rapudo hawi
Secretary-General-The Internet Society ( ISOC ) Kenya Chapter
"Our institution has collaborated with Athi Community Network in setting up our ICT infrastructure. The organization offers a vital service in the under served areas of Meru County"
Solomon musee
Manager-Ithima Vocational Training Centre
"T-NET is partnering with Athi Community Network with a vision of replicating our services to this grassroots organization and bridge the digital divide in rural meru"
john gitonga
Co-Lead Tunapanda Community Network(T-NET)
Athi Community Network requires the support of all individuals and organizations of goodwill to achieve their noble objectives. They are registered in our area of jurisdiction."
office of the chief
Akachiu Location, Meru County Kenya

Meet the Team

vice chairperson athi community network

Carol Mwende

Administrative Officer

Carol has a background in information technology and is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the group. She doubles up as the head of  Human Resources.

Paul K. Kilongi

Team Leader

Paul is a Network Specialist and App Developer with more than a decade of experience. He is   the group’s CEO and the overall coordinator of the group’s activities.

Linda Gacheri

Accounts Officer

Linda is a trained accountant with over a decade of experience. She is in charge of all financial matters concerning the organization.

Ashly Kendi Marcelina

Media and Outreach

Ashly is the head of Media and is in charge of all communications from our organization. she is also in charge of our community outreach activities.

Impact Stories

Meet Cecilia Nambui

Cecilia works at a local eatery as a cook, it is her main source of work being the sole bread winner. She is a mother of one and has been looking for ways to improve herself. She came across us during our routine interactions and she joined our volunteer trainee program. She's has been attending a free course on computer packages and is now a competent clerk.

A Ray of Hope — For Meru County Residents

Our Organization strives to reach rural residents of Meru county in Eastern Kenya and beyond. Anyone interested in gaining digital skills regardless of age or literacy level will now have no hinderance. Learning, food security and business will be enhanced thanks to affordable internet. Adoption of green technologies will further reduce environmental degradation.