Powering Rural Communities

Promoting adoption of digital technologies by rural communities

About Us

Athi Community Network  is a non-profit social enterprise registered as a community based organization (CBO) that leverages digital technologies for socio-economic empowerment in rural and  extreme low-income environments of Eastern Kenya  such as Athi (A Market Centre in Meru County). Our mission is to empower rural communities for them to participate in the digital economy. We seek to help solve the day-to-day challenges  through technology and impart technical skills to residents, so they can improve their livelihoods. Here at Athi Community Network we strive to create sustainable solutions through our various activities and programs.The Internet Society’s mission and vision are the philosophical basis for all our activities. Young mothers and girls are one of our main target groups.

We believe that the internet is an enabler of activities that promote social progress, economic empowerment and innovation for all, including those who live in rural and deprived regions. More..

Thematic Focus


— Digital Skills Training

We train  people of all ages  basic to intermediary level computer skills regardless of their literacy levels or economic status. Our goal is to enable learners develop problem-solving skills and apply technology in their daily activities.


— Rural Broadband Internet

One of our main targets is improving the availability of high-quality, safe and affordable broadband services in underserved rural areas. It is an aspiration we are strongly pursuing.


— Web Applications

We strive to develop websites that are visually appealing and informative. The  website pricing reflect the economic realities of our areas of operation.


— Green Technology

We promote use of sustainable energy generation technologies that help conserve the environment and natural resources to curb harm caused by negative human activities.



We believe in access to education for all. We strive to avail digital technologies for education purposes to the local community. Learners should be able to access educational curriculum outside the traditional classroom.


-Agro Tech

Agriculture is the mainstay of our area of operations. We promote adoption of  the “internet of things”  to better farmers’ production and distribution capabilities.

We came together to build and maintain the necessary infrastructure for Internet connection. Our Organization has identified and mapped out the technological needs of the communities where we operate. A segment of the population often overlooked in development matters is persons living with disabilities. To this end, we have partnered with Athi special school and helped them connect to the outside world. Our web Design team developed a Website  for the institution at no cost and we are currently working on modalities on training staff members of the institution on ICT essentials. We intend to have all public institutions in our locality own a website even as we seek to provide the necessary internet infrastructure.

Launch of Athi Special School Website

staff Members

vice chairperson athi community network

Carol Mwende


Carol has a background in information technology and is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the group. She is in charge of all bookkeeping and is assisted by a volunteer accountant. She doubles up as the head of  Human Resources.

Christine Kagendo

Gender Affairs

Christine is an effective Community mobilizer and has a passion for empowering girls and single mothers. She is a tech enthusiast and coordinates all group activities pertaining to equality.

Paul Kinyua

Excecutive Director

Paul is a Network Specialist and App Developer with more than a decade of experience. He is   the group’s Chief executive officer. He is the overall coordinator of the group’s activities and is the secretary to the organization’s Management Board.

Maureen Karegi

Training Coordinator

Moreen has a background in Clerical studies and is in charge of all trainings. As a trained clerical officer, she is best equipped to introducing learners to the basics of Information Technology.

Gatwiri Mutuma


Gatwiri interacts daily with the local community and understands the needs of each segment of society. Her previous interactions with young mothers and other groups have been invaluable in our organization’s objectives.

Ray Mwai

Media and Graphics

Ray is a Graphics Designer and multimedia specialist. Ray has more than a decade in the creatives field and is also an effective communicator. He is in charge of  the overall messaging of the group.

Impact Stories

Felix works at one of the Tea farms in Athi

Felix arrived in Athi as a migrant tea worker from a different cultural background. He was able to learn from some of us basic computer skills . The learning took place without the luxury of a fully equipped computer lab, but his passion for technology propelled him.  He is now a senior member of Athi community Network organization.

A Ray of Hope — For Meru County Residents

Our Organization strives to reach rural residents of Meru county in Eastern Kenya. Anyone interested in gaining digital skills regardless of age or literacy level will now have no hinderance. Learning, food security and business will be enhanced thanks to affordable internet. Adoption of green technologies will further reduce environmental degradation.