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Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural Kenya

About Us

Athi Community Network  is a non-profit  registered as a community based organization (CBO) that leverages digital technologies for socio-economic empowerment in rural and  extreme low-income environments of Eastern Kenya  such as Athi (A Market Centre in Meru County). We are registered by the Communications Authority as a Service Provider and mandated to provide Connectivity, Application and Content Creation Services. We seek to help solve the day-to-day challenges  through technology and impart technical skills to residents, so they can improve their livelihoods. Here at Athi Community Network we strive to create sustainable solutions through our various activities and programs.Our ultimate goal is to enable our community enjoy the benefits of internet connectivity and the digital economy as a  whole .

We believe that the internet is an enabler of activities that promote social progress, economic empowerment and innovation for all, including those who live in rural and deprived regions.  Read More..

digital inclusion

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Determination to Learn

As we continued with our journey to digitize rural and unreached regions of rural Kenya, we came across a neglected group. Teen Mothers, girls and women of all ages have been left behind in the digital revolution. Athi community network has enhanced its focus on women inclusion in information technology. We believe the internet is an enabler of other economic activities and that women should be part of developing and maintaining the core tech infrastructure. We believe that tech skills will enable women understand their rights and be able to earn a living with the multiplier effect being a stable and more equal society.



Capacity Building Project

Supporting Community-led Approaches to Addressing the Digital Divide: Micro-Organisation Work Implementation for Community Networks Project. 28 November 2022- 27 January 2023.

Training areaS

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    Structured Cabling
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    Working on Communication Towers
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    Electronic Equipment Fault Repair
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    Institution Strengthening

Focus areas


— Digital Skills Training

We train  people of all ages  basic to intermediary level computer skills regardless of their literacy levels or economic status. We train on basic digital literacy, Graphic Design, Web Design, Software Development and other Tech skills.


— Wireless Internet Service Provider

One of our main targets is improving the availability of high-quality, safe and affordable broadband services in under-served rural areas. We have just received a Communication Network  Service Provider License from the Kenyan Government.


— Content Creation

We create visual content to communicate ideas and messages. We believe that graphic design is a  form of art and expression where we strive to develop digital content that is visually appealing and informative. For more please visit our Youtube Channel


— Climate Adaptation

We promote use of sustainable energy generation technologies that help conserve the environment and natural resources to curb harm caused by negative human activities.


Online Business Process Outsourcing

We believe that economic empowerment through our various initiatives will go a long way in helping the community embrace technology. Our special purpose vehicle, Project Nuru is a tool for employing online employment opportunities to our community. We are partnering with Ajira Digital , Blue Lion 360 Academy and The The Business Process Outsourcing Association of Kenya.


-Agri Tech

Agriculture is the mainstay of our area of operations. We promote adoption of  the “internet of things”  to better farmers’ production and distribution capabilities.

meet the team

Paul K. Kilongi

Team Leader

Paul is an ICT Practitioner  having worked in different organizations at different capacities. He has more than a decade of experience in Tech. He is   the group’s Team Leader and the overall coordinator of the group’s activities.

Nicholas Jumba

Technical Director

Nicholas has a background in Analytical Chemistry, Photography/Videography and Computing. He is in charge of the Technical department of the organization and is also in charge of capacity building.

Impact Stories

Meet Brian Mweteri

Brian is a Resident of Ncheme in Akachiu ward igembe south Meru County. Brian did not complete his high school education and thought that his future was bleak. By good fortune, he came to learn about Athi Community Network's capacity building program where he learnt structured cabling and repairing electronic faults. The project was sponsored by the Association of progressive Communications. Today Brian fixes phones and other electronic devices from his Community members. View his Video Testimonial on our YouTube channel (AthiCN TV).

A Ray of Hope — For Meru County Residents

Our Organization strives to reach rural residents of Meru county in Eastern Kenya and beyond. Anyone interested in gaining digital skills regardless of age or literacy level will now have no hinderance. Learning, food security and business will be enhanced thanks to affordable internet. Adoption of green technologies will further reduce environmental degradation.