Our Work

Bridging The Digital Divide

Our Activities

Equipping young girls and women acquire relevant ICT skills.

We’ve identified that young ladies and mothers as a group requiring special intervention in matters ICT. A program to facilitate their training has been developed.


We provode a platform for engaging the community on matters affecting them that are not ICT in nature. COVID-19 pandemic is a case in point.

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We offer Technical ICT Advice to any governmental or non- governmental agencies working within our area of operation.

Outreach Programs

There are communities which are far-flung with poor roads and no electricity. Every month we will be going to those villages and offer free ICT clinics once we acquire portable devices.


Members of the organization share out any proceeds from the group’s activities based on services offered. They can also use their earnings to invest on other personal  ventures such as agriculture.


The needs in our area of operation are many. We strive to offer basic needs to vulnerable groups including psycho- social and mentorship to the youth.

Thematic Focus


— Digital Skills Training

We train people of all ages basic to intermediary level computer skills regardless of their literacy levels or economic status. Girls and women are one of our main target groups.


— Rural Broadband Internet

One of our main targets is improving the availability of high-quality, safe and affordable broadband services in underserved rural areas. It is an aspiration we are strongly pursuing


— Digital Art

We create visual content to communicate ideas and messages. We believe that graphic design is a form of art and expression where we strive to develop digital content that is visually appealing and informative.


— Green Technology

We promote use of sustainable energy generation technologies that help conserve the environment and natural resources to curb harm caused by negative human activities


— E-Learning

We believe in access to education for all. We strive to avail digital technologies for education purposes to the local community. Learners should be able to access educational curriculum outside the traditional classroom


— Agro Tech

Agriculture is the mainstay of our area of operations. We promote adoption of  the “internet of things”  to better farmers’ production and distribution capabilities.